Monday, July 17, 2006

Give me a break.

I was reading about Bush speaking to Blair privately at a luncheon (Video-WMP Video-QT) and didn't see what a big deal it was, so I decided to check and see what the left was saying.

This is FDL: While munching on a roll, George Bush had a conversation with Tony Blair about Hizbollah cutting out their "shit." So much for that born-again veneer.... this deciderating and Presidenting is hard work. (And the fact that the curtain gets lifted from the "moral majority" act for public consumption is just a side bonus.."

Is this guy serious? Saying the world "sh*t" means that you are obviously just pretending to be a Christian??? Does he honestly believe that? Christians are suppose to be perfect and never utter a curse word??? What world does this guy live in? No. If FDL would like an example of true Christian hypocrisy he need look no further than Bill Clinton walking up the steps to Church on a Easter Sunday while lusting for his real "service" time later that day with Monica Lewinsky. That my leftie friend is a "born again veneer."