Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Who are these people?

My regulars know how much I enjoy Jeff at Protein Wisdom. To say that he is different from me would be a massive understatement. Yet, we still vote the same way. To me that shows how big the GOP tent is.

Jeff is a talented writer and scholar. When he wants to be funny, no one is funnier. When he wants to post all serious, no one gets to the meat of the story with the depth that he does.

For some reason the leftwing bloggers love to rag on him. It's jealousy I suppose, but I just don't get it. Why do these bloggers even read Jeff? I mean, I read the news, I read liberal opinion in the news, but I don't read liberal bloggers. Why would I? I use to be liberal. I know exactly where they are coming from. There hasn't been a new idea in the liberal world in some 40 years. If you know a liberal blogger that has new idea, let me know. That would be news.

They would rather spend their time ragging on people like Jeff, insulting his creativity, than to come up with any good ideas of their own. Now, to be fair, Jeff does bring some of it on himself with his ummm.... not so gentle responses. But my advise to those who don't like Jeff...Don't read him! Simple.

I am sure he will get along fine without you.