Sunday, March 19, 2006

So long and thanks for all the fish

Well it's been a fun week-weekend guest posting here with RWS' blessing. I can't think of anything she'll feel like she has to edit, I can think of a few things she'll wince about. Good for me.

I tried to irritate the snot outta of the regulars, but I only scored with ck. She cracked me up though, so it was a good week.

Will leave you all with this. I learned this week that out of 300 million Americans, it is estimated that 100 million of us are related to someone who inprocessed through Ellis Island. Think about that for a moment. From the late 1880s until 1956, some 22 million immigrants came through Ellis... and saw this when they arrived.

Some were sent back. Some families were separated for years. But 98% of them came through, and became us.

We are truly a nation of immigrants. Loveable, faithful mutts.

God bless you all, on the left and the right. Thanks Sparkle, for the invite.