Sunday, February 20, 2005

What is more important here? Naked pics or mail fraud? You decide.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A former staffer for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee admitted Tuesday to stealing about $360,000 in donor checks while he was employed there.
Roger Chiang pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to one count of mail fraud. Sentencing is scheduled for June.
Chiang, a staffer in charge of ethnic outreach and fund raising, was fired from the DSCC after about $360,000 in missing committee donor checks were traced to a bank account he had opened. The DSCC is the main fund-raising arm for Senate Democrats.

Anyone miss this story? Hmmm.... maybe because it was WAY more important to find naked pictures of some no name reporter (now known as the infamous Jeff Gannon) I mean, come on, the guy in the story above was just using hard earned donor's money for Senate Democrats to ...I don't know.. maybe catch some bling bling, dress for success, or get a pimpin ride. That is nothing to compared to Gannon's gayness. Am I right?

Where is that moonbat outrage when it counts? Huh?