Sunday, February 20, 2005

Now we know.

"NEW YORK Feb 20, 2005 — Private conversations with George Bush secretly taped by an old friend before he was elected president foreshadow some of his political strategies and appear to reveal that he acknowledged using marijuana, The New York Times reported."

Well we FINALLY know the reason behind the whole Jeff Gannon gay hooker/white house reporter story. Karl Rove is a freakin GENIUS. You know he put that naked bald gay escort thing out there so when this story broke, it would look like Bush had practically a pollyanna past.

Seriously, the conversations reveal what we already know about Bush. He is the same in private as he is in public. Honest and forthcoming. In fact I was a bit surprised at how nice he was. I mean I know he is a nice guy, but I also know politics. And when you're talking strategy and such sometimes you can get truly mean no matter who you are.

Love Bush or hate him, what you see is what you get.