Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Imagine This.

A discussion with a commenter got me to thinking the other day what the world would be like if we were all like Christ. If we lived by what he taught. I had said there would be no war or poverty, but I realized that there would be so much more that would be different.

Think about it. There would be no prisons, no policemen, no prison guards, no jails, and no bail bondsman. But think about this. NO lawyers! Except maybe for corporate and estate logistics. IMAGINE! A Christian world with no lawyers! It is enough to make you want to convert, isn't it??..;-)

I can say all that coming from a family of lawyers. Also, there would be no judges, except for the few for the stated above problems. There would be no government social programs because we would all take care of each other. There would be no private schools, unless we just do away with the government involved in education and fund them ourselves. Taxes would still be needed to fund highways and roads and such, but the government would be practically tiny.

We could leave our doors unlocked. There would be no rape or murder, no crime of any kind! No one would cheat on their spouse. There would be no pornography, no pedophiles, no divorce, no domestic or child abuse, no babies born out of wedlock, and no abortion clinics.

We would have so much more money to pour into medical research, and no one would price gouge. We could discover more cures for disease.

There would be no homeless, no drug abuse and no suicide. We would admire our teachers, nurses, and doctors not movie stars or sports celebrities. Actors would do movies that inspired and moved us. Sports would be about the sport, and not the money.

We would truly love each other.

Imagine a world like that.

Now , this is not saying that other religions wouldn't bring as much, I am just speculating on it. And it sounds good to me.