Thursday, February 24, 2005

Calling on all single girl bloggers.

Mudville has some new blogger soldiers from Iraqi. One is Assumption of Command. He gives some insight on a soldier coming home to no family. He talks about coming home to an empty apartment from Bosnia in the late 90's. (that just breaks my heart) He goes on to explain:

"But not all soldiers have the "wife and kids" waiting for their return. Some soldiers nearest family maybe one or two thousand miles away from their home station. It the cases of soldiers stationed in Germany their nearest family could be an ocean away. These same soldiers have been incredibly close to their teams, crew members, and battle buddies in all facets of their lives. Now all of a sudden all of that closeness is gone and the single soldier is possibly alone without the people he until recently relied on. This can be just as difficult as trying to get used to the spouse that now runs the household without the soldier. The Army tries to prepare us for re-entry into our families. Granted this is very important, but they don't seem to have anything for reuniting with yourself. Just do me a favor don't forget about the single guys and gals just because they are back. Home can be a very lonely place too."

Awww... so go visit his place and see what we can do to help. Some single girl ought to get an organization going to greet the single soldiers when they get home. If you know of a blogger who might be interested in this. Let me know.