Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What is holding up the health care bill?

Sure Republicans are against the spending and the overreaching of the government here, but that's not what is stopping this bill.

I'm about to write a sentence I never thought I would.

House DEMOCRATS are trying to ensure that taxpayer money will not be used to fund abortion in the healthcare bill.

Wow. I'm just going to take a moment and relish that.

You may be skeptical, but it's true.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Indiana Democrat Baron Hill, a Blue Dog congressman negotiating with leaders on health care, disagreed with Speaker Nancy Pelosi's statement Wednesday that Democrats have the votes to pass health care in the House.

Michigan Rep. Bart Stupak, who is trying to change the bill to make it clear it would not use taxpayer money for abortions, also disagreed with the Speaker.

"It would be easier to fit a camel through the eye of a needle than to pass this bill," said Stupak.

Stupak said Democratic leaders can't lose 40 votes if they want to pass the bill and predicted "she [Pelosi] would lose more than 40 on the right to life issue alone. There's just no way."

Stupak said he doesn't want to block the bill, but wants leaders to agree to add language on the abortion issue before it comes to the House floor.

Obama and Pelosi may worship at the alter of abortion, but clearly we have some Democrats that understand a bit more about the sanctity of human life.

Maybe there is some hope for my father's party after all.