Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tweeting Health Care Press Conference

Obama said what he thought Americans needed to hear, and left much unanswered, just as I expected. As I have said, Obama doesn't have to convince America, only a few blue dog Democrats. Sadly.

So.... I thought you guys might enjoy some interesting tweets during the presser from some well known tweeters like Rick Sanchez of CNN to Meghan McCain to Anna Marie Cox (who I might add, although liberal, is very funny)

marcambiner Newsweek's Fineman on MSNBC says Obama didn't accomplish much tonight and seemed wrote and over-talking-pointed. Do you agree?

McCainblogette I have always thought my father was a better speaker!

McCainblogette Yes, I watched the presidents press conference, I thought it was lackluster and I'm completely against universal health care and I'm biased

anamariecox RT @irenerep: I suggest adding "let me be clear" and "make no mistake" to permanent Obama drinking game // AND ANOTHER "this town" just now!

anamariecox So much for this presser being the debut of a tighter, more concise Obama. Also APPARENTLY HEALTH CARE.

anamariecox Shorter Obama: How are we going to pay for it? I TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT! Congrats, AP's Ben Feller FOR TOTALLY STUMPING ME.

anamariecox New permanent #Obama drinking game word: "this town." Also BREAKING: Obama has good health care! (WHers patting self on back over that one.)

anamariecox Me: "Obama reminded us 4x that he's president." Colleague: "I bet Politico turns that into a story: Obama: OBSESSED WITH BEING PRESIDENT."

anamariecox RT @mikemadden: Least controversial line of the night? "The Cambridge police acted stupidly." // TV producers FREAKING OUT HERE disagree.

HeyTammyBruce Urkel's new spin: It's not "Health Care Reform" it's "Health Insurance Reform." And, btw, Sarah Palin is Mothra.

MattMackowiak Whoa. Howard Fineman on MSNBC: Tonight Obama was "tired, with same old talking points... he missed an opportunity here."

LarrySabato POTUS still might be able to force D majorities to deliver. But there could be a big '10 cost. Scaled back plan might be politically wise.

LarrySabato People fear O's plan will tax & cost too much, achieve too little, & add to deficits. History doesn't help. Govt promises rarely materialize

LarrySabato Least impressive of Obama's four prime-time pressers. Little passion until the last question about Prof. Gates. This didn't help O's plan.

kathrynlopez O failed the do no harm test

hughhewitt #hhrs When Howard Fineman, Juan Williams and Larry Sabato all agree that the president did badly tonight, you don't have to believe me.

ricksanchezcnn look, i know how cops can be, i've experienced myself. but a prez should not take sides w his friend on this, he prob should not have judged

ricksanchezcnn btw, listen to nixon tapes, gop link with big money guys opposed to health care taints them somewhat on this issue. no?

KarlRove Polls are turning against President Barack Obama’s health-care plan.

markknoller And he was not shy in stating his goal: "I'm the Presidnet and I think this has to get done" he said of his health

TIMEThePage (In)Artful Dodger (With Enemies): Obama deflects numerous questions at his East Room press conference, especiall..

charmaineyoest POTUS avoids abortion issue tonight, but tomorrow night already 17K joining webcast at Be sure to join us!!!

Depressing tweet of the night:

ricksanchezcnn btw, dems have the votes, my sources say this can't be stopped. it will eventually pass