Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Gem

As I surf through the vastness that is the blogosophere, every once in a while I find a sparkling gem among the dirty rocks of blogs.

Here is one. "All The Best Things Come In Pairs...Tatas, husbands, & blogs"

It's not political. It's just beautiful. This lady is working through the hard times, I tell ya.

But I love this line:

I cheer myself out of bed and through each moment every single day. There's a very tired girl with pom poms living in my head, begging me to get over myself.

She is what we call in the south, a steele magnolia.

Writing about when her two year old was born:

She came to me in a dream.

Being pregnant with her was not a dream.

I went into heart failure at 34 weeks, and hung out in the hospital until it was safe for her to come out.

When they wheeled me from my room to the operating room, it was a scene out of one of those horrible ER episodes, where you don't know if you want to keep watching b/c the ending seems tragic. I could hear her heartbeat on the monitor as they were rushing me over...loud, and slower....slower...slower.

I put my right hand up in the air, and yanked some tubing around w/ it. The anesthesiologist pushing me the fastest said "Put your hand down." I said "No."

I'm giving her up to God. It won't matter if she comes to me or not, but it matters if she goes to Him. I never felt as much faith as I did in that moment. And never have again since then.

Just beautiful.

Go enjoy the read. If you find a way to help her, do that as well.

She is lalayu on twitter.