Friday, July 24, 2009

Here Come The Race Baiters

You had to know that the Gates controversy would bring out race baiters. Commentary like this from Jeffrey Wright, an actor, only diminishes the real injustice that many black men in America experience.

Last July while filming the vile film "W" in Shreveport, Jeffrey and several members of the cast were arrested outside a bar there in the wee hours of the morning.

(Imagine for a moment if a Hollywood film were made about Obama showing him to be an inexperienced fool, exaggerating his flaws, and simply making things up about his past. The double standard is astounding)

Anyway, in Wright's commentary he paints a picture of out of control police who arrest him as if he didn't deserve it. What this had to do with race, I have no idea, since much of the cast was white, and they all acted like fools. Being drunk and saying insulting idiotic things about our President in a bar where people like him, I'm sure, had nothing to do with the trouble they got into.

But don't count on the details being in his commentary. He only says that the bartender "took exception to a comment I made." She asked him to leave. Another thing he leaves out of his commentary is that they refused to leave. When an owner of an establishment asks you to leave, the common sense thing to do is to leave. But drunks rarely use common sense. Which is another thing he fails to mention in his commentary. They were drunk. I have read in accounts of the event, that after the cops arrived the drunk cast members were belligerent and rude, cussing and showing a desire to fight with the cops. So much so that they had to call backup. Wright says, "A mess ensued." Right. A mess you created by being rude in the bar, by not leaving when asked, and by being drunk and physical with police officers.

I'm sure the reason the white bartender asked them to leave was because one of the cast members was black, NOT the fact that they were filming a movie maligning our President and were speaking badly about him around people who supported the President. Right? I mean it HAD to be about race.


Just as in the Gates incident, these shallow self absorbed men see themselves as a victim of racism. When in fact, in both cases, it wasn't racism at all.

What makes my blood boil about this, is as I have said before, that there really is a discussion to be had about arrests of black men compared to that of whites. We do need to look at it honestly, but commentary like that reduces it to the ridiculous.

Good grief. Let's hear from black men who have really suffered an injustice in being arrested unfairly. Not these "Do you know who I am?" types.