Friday, October 03, 2008

The V.P. Debate

I didn't expect Sarah to actually win this debate hands down, given her inexperience with such things, but she did. I thought She was personable, knowledgeable, and down to earth. Considering, as she said, she has been on the national stage for five weeks and was up against a man who had been Senator for 36 years and has run for President twice, she more than held her own (Noonan says, "She killed').

No one can argue that she is your usual politician. She is more than a breath of fresh air, she is amazing, while being completely natural.

Her best moments were when discussing healthcare, gay marriage, and defending the surge in Iraq. The surge discussion got Biden off his game. He seemed to just ramble on there.

Biden clearly loves to "sound" dramatic. But it seems he is trying too hard. He refers to himself in third person, which I always find bizarre. He says things that make no sense. Someone over at NRO pointed to this line: "The American public has a stomach for success." What? His rant on the constitutional role of the Vice Presidency was convoluted, and as I understand it, completely misstated.

Biden simply lied when he asserted that Obama had never said he would meet with Achmenijad. He lied about McCain voting for the Obama tax hike. (McCain has a list of his "14 lies).

I loved that Biden had no response when Sarah reminded him that he had once said that Obama was not ready to be commander-in-chief.

Some people are wondering why Ifill didn't bring up abortion, but I think people are just about sick of hearing questions about it coming from an obvious pro-choice stance. If you have been paying any attention at all you know she is unapologetically pro-life. That's it. You either like her position or you don't. So I am glad Ifill didn't bring it up.

Sarah comes across as your next door neighbor, and she does it without having to mention the "kitchen table" over and over and how great Home Depot is, like Biden does. And I love the winks.

Biden was clearly staying away from attacking a woman and actually seemed to show affection for her. That worked in his favor. He didn't condescend to her. Good for him. When Biden isn't stating untruths, he is superb at being substantial in his arguments. He shines when he explains beliefs he has held his entire career. He is a lawyer and that comes though. He only stumbles when trying to explain how now he is on board with Obama on things he was not before.

I was glad that Sarah brought up the way she fought corruption in Alaska and the changes she made there that usually take most politicians years to accomplish. Her amazing job as Governor has been overlooked by the MSM.

When Sarah was referring to Biden's wife as a teacher saying, "her reward is in heaven," teachers everywhere must have said, "Amen." God knows they aren't rewarded on this earth for what they do. I loved that line though.

I love how she ended it with a line she has used from the start. "There is really only one candidate in this race that has ever really fought for you."

And that is John McCain and that is the "dog gone" truth.