Saturday, October 04, 2008

Oh, Sarah, That Thing You do

I've talked to a lot of people about the debate. Just about everyone saw it that I've talked to so far. It was the most watched V.P. debate ever, with 70 million viewers, far surpassing last week's debate with McCain and Obama.

I can guarantee you that they didn't tune in to see Joe Biden. American wanted a good close look at this woman who is inspiring so much love and so much hate among all those political.

For those of us who love her, we continue to love her and smile when we see her. For those who hate her, they continue to hate her and nothing she does is going to change that. She is unapologetically conservative and they hate that. And because they hate that, they will slam her unfairly. The same can be said for those who feel the same way about Obama and his liberalism. Nothing Obama can do will change that either.

But I wanted to talk to people who aren't political, but certainly vote. Those were the ones tuning in as well. Lots of them. Maybe they didn't get the policy issues and what the candidates meant by each statement, but they did get the charisma and down to earth vibe that Sarah gives.

Every single person I talked to who didn't claim a party, the independents as it were, liked her. They felt she was real. They said She seemed like us. That is because she is like us.

When Sarah talks about what parents say to each other during soccer games, you can be sure she was doing just that recently. Biden tried to sound like one of us by asking people to come with him to Wilmington to Katie’s Restaurant or Home Depot where he says he spends a lot of time. Only problem? Katie's Restaurant closed in 1990, so it's been at least 18 years or more since Biden spent any time there.

People who don't care much for politics may not understand all the nuances of policy, but they know when someone is conning them. Sarah doesn't con. She just tells it like it is. And that is why people like her. That is why people wanted to tune in and watch her.

She is the new kid on the block. Different and historical. Just like Obama. It makes things very interesting for those independents that really are the ones who decide Presidential politics. She was under incredible pressure. Most of us would have crumbled long ago. Her tenaciousness and grit just make her that much more admirable to those who haven't chosen sides yet.

Imagine. No matter which way this goes in November, we will have have made history, either with the first black President or the first woman Vice President. I find it all very exciting.

The McCain camp made a big mistake not letting Palin be Palin and I think they are turning that around now. Ignore the critics on the left who will never treat her fairly or say one good thing about her.

She's the real deal. Let her get out there and show everyone what a smart tough woman can do.

Let her do that thing she does.