Monday, September 29, 2008

Pelosi blows it

I think anyone who views the video from 2004 below a few posts down, showing the Democrats involvment in the economic fiasco, will understand why some Republicans turned their vote at the last minute because Speaker Pelosi opened her big stretched mouth and tried to blame this all on Bush.

The Republicans are saying that Pelosi had the votes but because of Pelosi's statements, 12 Republicans turned their votes.

Update: I thought it curious that Pelosi went on a rant basically offending those whose votes she wished to have.

I've asked this before, but I really want an answer from all my lefty friends. Has Pelosi or the Democrats in Congress done anything that you wanted them to do? They let the offshore drilling ban expire. They caved to Republicans on that.They didn't end the war. They caved on wiretapping (FISA bill). They voted for the surge. They voted to continue funding the war. They didn't so much as hint at any investigation of Bush going into the war. They are now in bed with Pres. Bush, of all people, in this ridiculous government bailout. And this is with you guys in the majority!

Add to that, Speaker Pelosi has the social skills of a porcupine, which may have just killed any progress made on this bill. Let's face it, the more time the American people have to look at the bill and the more we understand it, the more likely it is that it will never pass. Not the way it is written now, anyway.