Thursday, January 03, 2008

Why McCain?

I started to read Victor Davis Hanson's column about McCain this morning hating and worrying about the fact that I would disagree with someone I have so much respect for.

Hanson is probably the most intelligent thoughtful informed writer out there writing about politics today.

He started off his column today describing all the ways McCain has made us angry. He described McCain's setbacks and even his age and looks.

Just as I was really starting to feel uncomfortable, Hanson started describing why McCain is who he is and why is the most qualified to be President.

And I began to smile.

Second, McCain has the most diverse experience of any of the candidates in either party. Sens. Obama and Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., may bicker over whether being first lady or growing up in Indonesia constitutes the better foreign-policy background. But no one would question McCain's far greater breadth of service: carrier aviator, combat pilot, wounded veteran, tortured while a prisoner of war for five and a half years, U.S. congressman and senator for a combined quarter-century, 2000 presidential candidate. And the list only goes on.

In this war, having a veteran fighter and savvy old statesman as commander-in-chief makes a lot of sense.
I don't know whether plain-speaking John McCain will win the presidency. But so far he's proved the most experienced of the candidates, and he's run the most principled and honest of the campaigns. Other candidates may be younger, better financed and more charismatic; none has more earned America's trust.

In the end, this is why we will forgive McCain for the things we disagreed with him. His service, his experience, and his honesty.

Read Hanson's column. It does describe the good, the bad, and the ugly about McCain, and why people are taking a second look.

*note: I promise to try to keep my McCain crush posts to a minimum. I know many of you are like "yeah, we get it, you like McCain."