Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sex will get you every time

After the Clinton/Lewinsky affair, nothing surprises me when it comes to politicians and sex. Nothing. Even the most powerful intelligent men on the planet will lose their minds for a little on the side. It's completely crazy that a man will risk his reputation and legacy (as Clinton did) in a haze of lust and desire. But it happens over and over.

We are seeing that here in Texas. District Attorney Charles A. Rosenthal Jr., one of Texas' most powerful prosecutors for 30 years, was forced by leaders in the Republican party in Houston to ditch his re-election plans for a third term as district attorney because of some sexy e-mails he wrote on office computers to his secretary that came to light. (yes, he's married)

People. Please. Use some common sense. E-mail, instant messages, message boards, EVERYTHING you write on the net, whether private or not, can be accessed and read by everyone. It can happen. Even to you.

Here is a man, like Clinton, who had everything going for him and now, like Clinton, he will be remembered with giggles and jokes.

Is it worth it?

via LST