Thursday, January 03, 2008

It's done for Iowa

No surprise that Huckabee won. But get this at First Read (msnbc):

In an unusual expression of faith at a political party headquarters, supporters are standing in circles, holding hands and offering prayers in the middle of the Huckabee ballroom. They appear to be families with adults and children standing together. This is happening amid the piped in rock music, media standups and giant screen coverage.
We are shooting tape. Lots of still cameras buzzing around the group too.
We'll find out who they are when they're finished praying.

"Who are these strange creatures that pray???

This is the kind of thing that is going to keep Huckabee on a roll. The media acting like Christianity and prayer is some sort of bizarre custom from another planet. Give me a break.

Also no surprise, Obama won. But even sweeter is Hillary coming in third. Bill, watch the lamps in the hotel room tonight!

Romney came in 2nd, but it's gotta hurt with all the time and money he put in. Fred coming in third will keep him in the running.
Btw, I copied the pic from Fox News and you know how when you "save picture" it gives you a file name? The file name given on this was "doomsday1." Heh.