Thursday, January 03, 2008

What could have been

Fred Thompson entering the presidential race was like getting a birthday present a month late, and it wasn't what you asked for.

When asked why he didn't do this or that in this race, I've heard Thompson say, "That isn't how we do things in Tennessee."

Well, the way they do things in Tennessee doesn't fly in a Presidential race. We were all disappointed in the way the campaign has been run. Thompson has all the conservative creds, but none of the passion or desire (or money) to be President.

HotAir has linked a Politico article that says if Thompson finishes poorly in Iowa, he will drop out, give his support to McCain and perhaps in exchange for that, McCain will name him Attorney General in his administration.

Not a bad deal.

If all this happens, and that is a big if, could the winds of luck be blowing any harder for McCain these days?

Fred is denying any truth to the Politico article.

I suppose it's all speculation and hearsay. Either way, I think this is the beginning of the end for Fred. It also shows how important it is know what your doing when running for President. Staff, money, and organization all matter a great deal. You can't just mosey into a Presidential race.

We will always wonder what could have been with Fred.