Thursday, January 03, 2008

Oh dear, oh dear.....

I just watched Huckabee on Leno (2 parts). This guy is good. Likable and down to earth. No wonder he has come from nowhere to lead in Iowa.

As opposed to the more libertarian rightwing bloggers like Ace and Allah, I think Huckabee is sincere. They see something sinister about him, but they are wrong. He really is a nice guy that tries to do the right thing. People are responding to that.

The problem is that he cannot possibly win the general election. He has no foreign policy experience at a time where it is imperative that our leader can lead from a global perspective. We are at war and we need someone who understands that fight.

When it comes to tax hikes and spending and crime Huckabee isn't so conservative, but I don't think that is what the public is focusing on right now. Right now they are looking for someone they can relate to and Huckabee connects with people, there is no doubt.

For a pretty harsh look at his record from what should be an ally, go here.

I may have spoken to soon before. There may yet be more of Huckaboom. But imo, the person who loses the most here is Romney. Those flocking to Huckabee probably would have voted for Romney.

The Leno show was a gambit that paid off for Huckabee.

Oh dear, oh dear.