Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Romney wins Michigan

It's quite the horserace, isn't it? According to First Read, the independents just didn't come out for McCain like they did in 2000. It certainly helped Romney to have been born there, having a father who was a governor and chairman of American Motors, and to have outspent McCain 2 to 1.

Also of interest, 41% of those who identified themselves as evangelical Christians went half for Romney and half for Huckabee.

One of the mistakes that I think McCain is making is to keep talking about the things that make conservatives mad. I heard him go on and on about global warming yesterday. Why??? There are so many things to talk about that are more important than buying into the extreme beliefs of the global warming crowd. The irony of this, which I read about at NRO, is that the cold snowy weather played a big part in turnout in Michigan.

He also chooses to focus on justifying his illegal immigration stance instead of focusing on the things that he does want to do that we agree on. He drives me crazy when he does this. That might be fine for the general election, to appeal to a broader electorate, but for now...PLEASE, focus on conservative issues.

South Carolina will be important. Now that we have three winners, it will propel one of them to seem more as the winner of winners.

And then there is Fred. Can he make any head way in South Carolina? Huckabee seems to have the advantage here.