Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Open Thread

I have had a terrible few days, a few bothersome things not worth mentioning, and then one of my dogs got out (the black lab mix, Shaq) and was hit by a car. I thought he had paralyzed his back legs at first and he wouldn't move at all. I thought we might have to put him to sleep and I have been very upset. I finally got him to the vet and the GOOD NEWS is that it isn't nerve damage and possibly not even a fracture either. They think it is a soft tissue injury and put him on antibiotics. I can't tell you what a relief it was. I burst into tears at the vet, which I am sure they are used to, but I had been so stressed about it, and to hear that he was probably Ok, was just such a relief.

Anyway, dave bones, my leftwing radical from across the pond, wanted me to have an open thread. I think he wants to ask us Republicans some things. There is no telling when he will get here, so talk amongst yourselves.