Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bill Clinton treats black people like he treated Monica

So says Obama's preacher:

Rev. Jeremiah Wright preached on Sunday morning.

..amid intensified crossfire between Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Obama over the use of race in the Democratic presidential campaign - Wright was preaching from the Gospel of John, using his powerful style to link the story of the loaves and fishes to a contemporary political message…

Some argue that blacks should vote for Clinton “because her husband was good to us,” he continued.
“That’s not true,” he thundered. “He did the same thing to us that he did to Monica Lewinsky.”

Many in the crowd were on their feet, applauding - amazed, amused and moved by the fiery rhetoric of their preacher, who is about to retire.

I saw this yesterday at Ace's and was wondering when the msm would get a hold of it. I mean that's pretty strong rhetoric. But no such luck. Other than the Baltimore Sun, that wrote the story, I can't find it reported anywhere. It's not that it is the most important thing in the world, it isn't, but it is red meat stuff in a political campaign. Why wouldn't the media report it? My feeling is that they really like Obama and they don't want to add fuel to the fire.