Thursday, January 17, 2008


I have noticed that although as many of you are reading this blog as before, not as many are commenting. I think they may have to do with the frustration of comment moderation.

I think I am going to try this. When I am at the computer and able to check comments frequently, I am going to turn off moderation. When I am going to be away for a few hours or at night, I will turn it back on.

I just can't deal with the vitriol and hatred that some on the left leave in the comments. I don't want their comments there even for a moment. I don't even have to read them when I moderate. So if it looks like everyone is behaving, I may keep it off for good.

I have some good news about my doggie. He is much much better today and was even walking around for awhile on both back legs. Such a relief!!!

While I have had dogs and cats my whole life, I have never lost one to being run over. It's truly awful.