Saturday, December 01, 2007

Rudy's scandals. This is just the beginning

A report posted on Wednesday said that at the time when Giuliani was beginning an extramarital relationship with Judith Nathan, who eventually became his third wife, he billed obscure city agencies thousands of dollars for his police security detail covering trips to visit Nathan.

But Giuliani insists that everything was done in the open, “honestly, honorably, above board.”

At the link Giuliani sits down with Kati Couric to discuss the issue. First let me ask, is anyone else bothered by that first sentence? I mean when a story about a Presidential candidate begins with an "extramarital relationship" and that's not even the scandal, you have to wonder what so many Republicans are thinking supporting this man.

Katie asks Rudy if this story, which broke right before the last debate, threw him a bit during the debate. But the important part of this interview is the last sentence:

Couric: Did it throw you at all during the debate?

Giuliani: No, I don’t think so; go look at the debate.

Couric: Well some have said they didn’t think it was your best debate.

Giuliani: I think it was a good debate. I think I did a really good job.

Couric: You didn’t really answer the question. You think it won’t matter in terms of the election itself - this story?

Giuliani: Of course not. I mean there’ll be 100 more stories … and we’ll see.

And that is the problem my friends, there will be 100 more "stories." Even Rudy knows that.