Friday, November 30, 2007

"Workers Held Hostage At Clinton Office In N.H."

(WBZ) ROCHESTER, N.H. A man is holding at least two people hostage at the presidential campaign office for Sen. Hillary Clinton in Rochester, New Hampshire. A woman was released just a short time ago.

WBZ has learned he walked into the office with some sort of device strapped to him, claiming it was a bomb.

State Police said the man released a mother and a child from the office, but is holding others.

A young woman carrying an infant ran into a nearby store in tears, saying she had been in the campaign office when a man walked in, opened his coat and showed them a what looked like a bomb strapped to his chest with duct tape. She said the man let her and her child go.

There are reports from the scene that the hostage taker is demanding to speak with Senator Clinton.

They have evacuated Edwards and Obama's offices as well since they are nearby.

Hillary is not there, she is in Washington. Her campaign is keeping an eye on the situation.

Crazy people in this world. Let's send up some prayers for those in the office.