Monday, November 26, 2007

Homophobia or the breakdown of civility?

A gay guy "comes out" while playing Halo 3 online. He records the comments. They are disgusting and sick. No doubt about that. (Seriously NSFW or decent people)

It's clear to me that it's young men. Teenagers. I have been around teenagers for years. I was an assistant youth minister, a substitute teacher and have had 3 teens of my own. I was the only mom who visited the threads on my son's (unofficial)public high school message board. To say I was shocked by what I read would be an understatement.

What you hear on this audio is common. But not just against gays. There is no one that escapes the ranting and insults that teens find common talk today. Jews (the holocaust jokes would make you seriously ill) and women are the most maligned and degraded.

We have been raising what I call "The American Pie" generation that sees no boundary that cannot be crossed. TV and movies and the Internet have desensitized them to the point where they see everyone and everything as a target of a joke and nothing is sacred. They were raised on MTV, Dave Chapelle, and teen sex movies, what do we expect?

No, this isn't homophobia. It is just a small window into the sickness we have bred into the young. We should all take responsibility for allowing this to happen.

via Towelroad