Monday, November 26, 2007

Calling All New York Conservatives!

A Kos Diarist is calling all KosKids to protest Sean Hannity.

Hannity/Levin Book Signing Plans December 1st
Mon Nov 26, 2007 at 04:27:53 AM PST
I'm asking (admittedly selfishly) that thousands of leftists, progressives, centrists, liberals, and non right wing conservatives show up at Bookends (232 East Ridgewood Avenue) in Ridgewood, New Jersey (about 15 minutes from George Washington Bridge) on Saturday December 1st way before 1 p.m. for an opportunity to observe what the Republican Party's de facto main media propagandist Sean Hannity and his friends and audience are truly like. I am going by myself and perhaps a few other people will either accompany me directly or be there at my request. I'm not going as part of any known group so if other groups show up, they show up on their own volition.
I will go over the details and my "brilliant" plan for the day. And yes I know that every single word I typed here is being "broadcasted" back over to Heil Hannity Insanity and The Detestable One Mark Levin. No big deal. Sunlight is the one thing these cowards fear the most.

Read his rules. Too funny.

So, if you are conservative and live in the area, go by and give some support to Hannity and Levin. If sunlight is what conservatives fear most, (And I don't get that. I think promoting your beliefs pretty much puts them out there in the sunlight), then free speech is what people like davefromqueens fear most.

via NRO