Thursday, November 01, 2007

What If We Had a Presidential Election and No Christians Came?

It is my highest hope that the polls are wrong and that the primaries will surprise everyone and no one who we think will win, will win.

But as things stand now, it looks like Hillary and Rudy will be the nominees. None of the competition on both sides seem to want to put on the gloves and go some real rounds with Hillary or Rudy.

I can count 10 churches close enough for me to walk to from my home. I can't imagine the count in the Houston area. Mega Churches around us have as many as 47,000 in weekly attendance at each Church. When we evacuated from Rita we drove through east Texas. We drove through miles and miles of trees and road, except for one thing. Churches. We drove for hours without seeing any restaurants. I joked to my mom that people in east Texas obviously do two things, cook at home and go to Church. This is but one state, but the south is the same.

What will all these church goers do if the candidates are Hillary and Rudy? There are all kinds of thought on the kind of people who will vote for each. I heard a man on TV say that he feels millions of Republican women will vote for Hillary and not tell their husbands (imagine!! Not telling your husband! *snort*) He believes they will vote for a woman because she is a woman. Then there are the people who say that Hillary will energize the Republican party and they will come out in droves and vote.

My feeling is that the same half that votes Democrat every Presidential election will do so, and the same half that votes Republican will do so.

The mushy middle, the 10% or so that actually elect our President, will probably lean toward Rudy, because Hillary is so unlikable. But where I think we lose is the conservative Christian vote. Conservative Christians don't see much difference in Hillary and Rudy when it comes to their values. So I am afraid they will stay home. They will believe that they are staying true to their values by not voting for a pro-abortion, pro-gay rights, anti-gun, pro- illegal immigration candidate. Which both Hillary and Rudy are.

Many in the Republican party ask Christians to look at the big picture. To think how much worse Hillary will be than Rudy. To think how much better Rudy is on the war on terror. But let's face it, the MSM has convinced most Americans that we don't have much to fear with the war on terror. Americans take our safety for granted once again. Christians aren't immune to this. Conservative Christians tend to see an even bigger picture, which specifically involves eternity. So all these things, even war, come and go, but our decisions and our actions go with us into eternity. This is why they will stay home, and this is why Hillary will win.

Don't say I didn't warn you.