Monday, October 29, 2007

China and Hillary.

Why are Chinese dishwashers and waiters from the poorest Chinese neighborhoods in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton's campaign? According to this LA Times article, of the few that could be found for comment, they said that their local association leaders told them to do so.

Why would they do that?

I think the reason can be found here.

Long before the Hsu scandal, the Clintons were well known in Chinese fundraising. As this Investor Business Daily article points out, President Bill Clinton engaged the Chinese in what he called a "strategic partnership." How? By inviting them into our defense labs and dismantling export controls. The following took place on Clinton's watch:


• Managed to steal secrets to every nuclear warhead deployed in the U.S. arsenal.
• Deployed for the first time an entire force of CSS-4 ICBMs that target the continental U.S., from L.A. to New York and everything in between.
• Declared the U.S. enemy No. 1 in its military writings.
• Bought Russian destroyers armed with missiles designed to kill U.S. carriers.
• Built up its missile batteries across the Taiwan Strait.
• Infiltrated the CIA and FBI with spies.

The Chinese espionage that occurred on Clinton's watch was unprecedented, and analysts still don't know how deep Chinese moles penetrated our security complex.

As the article also points out, Hillary Clinton's autobiography, "Living History," is the most popular foreign political memoir in Chinese history.

It seems clear to me that the Chinese would like Hillary to be President. Her husband's legacy would seem to be why. They expect more of the same.

Hillary Clinton is dangerous for America in more ways than I can count, but this danger is probably the greatest of all. American interests will never be the most important to Hillary. Only Hillary Clinton's interests will be.

h/t BigDog