Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bombing Iran?

This is an excellent overview of the problem of Iran. You will notice that it is from the U.K. publication of The Spectator:

The consequences for the Jews of a strike on Iran are therefore fearsome. But the alternative, a nuclear Iran, is worse -- not just for Israel but for the world, which from that time forth would be held hostage to nuclear blackmail by an Iran hell-bent on regional and global Islamic domination. This is not a choice between a good outcome and a bad outcome. This is a choice between a terrible outcome and a cataclysmic one. It is the choice between a rock and a very hard place; and those who now advise that there is no alternative but war with Iran do so with the heaviest of hearts.

I note that it is from the U.K because I was struck by the comments. Go and read through them. These people have an astonishing grip on the problem with Iran. The comments are as knowledgeable as the article.