Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Primary Fun

The closer we get to the primaries the more exciting it's getting to be. I think it's going to be the wildest ride yet. On the Democratic side you have this going on:

"I want to see if John Edwards will say to Hillary Clinton in front of everyone: 'You're not electable, and you know it, and you're going to hurt people down the ballot.' It's time to stop whispering. It's getting to be midnight." -- Democratic strategist Donna Brazille, quoted by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

John Edwards will not be going down without a fight. We will have to see if Obama has it in him to stand against the Hillary machine.

Even though I think Edwards and Obama would be more difficult to beat in the general election, I would still want one of them to get the nomination. It seems obvious that people like Donna Brazille don't think Hillary can be elected, but I certainly do.

A new University of Iowa Hawkeye Poll has Sen. Hillary Clinton leading the Democratic presidential race with 29%, followed by Sen. Barack Obama at 27%, John Edwards at 20% and Gov. Bill Richardson at 7%.

That is close. If Obama and Edwards can somehow pull Iowa off, then it will be an exciting thing to watch indeed. I think I would enjoy watching Hillary lose the nomination as much as most of you would enjoy watching your team win the superbowl.

Meanwhile Romney is doing quiet well in Iowa with 36%, followed by Rudy Giuliani at 13%, Mike Huckabee at 13%, Fred Thompson at 11% and Sen. John McCain way back at 6%.

My rebound man Romney is going to make this race exciting too. Giuliani is going to come out fighting and that will be interesting to see. And McCain ain't no featherweight either. The gloves will be off soon.

via Political Wire

Speaking of McCain. Jerry Zandstra, formerly of Sam Brownback's campaign has a piece at Redstate on why he is endorsing McCain. One reason? The same I have stated over and over:

Pragmatically, two recent polls (Fox News and News/Opinion Dynamic Poll) show that Sen. McCain is best positioned to defeat Sen. Hillary Clinton in the general election. Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney are 12 points behind Hillary.

Read the whole thing for a good overview of McCain.