Sunday, October 07, 2007

SCHIP, the real story.

Pres. Bush is a heartless S.O.B.. right? Who doesn't want healthcare for children? Well, it's like this.....

I just have to expand on this. It's just mind boggling. Think about it. The Democrats thought they were being really crafty by having a 12 yr old boy named Graeme Frost read the rebuttal to President Bush's radio address about the SCHIP program. It really needs to be understood here that President Bush is for expanding this program and adding 4 million more children to the rolls, but the Democrats will not be happy until we are under socialized care and we all know that.

But I digress.

What is funny about this, is that this wasn't Republicans going and looking for a perfect example of how this expanded program doesn't help poor children. They are covered. It helps middle income America. People who can afford their own healthcare insurance. No, Republicans didn't have to go looking. Graeme Frost was the Democrats own little poster boy for the program. Only problem? His family lives in a half a million dollar home. He and his sister attend a private school that cost $20,000 a year. His father owns the half a million dollar commercial property that he works out of. And on top of all that, the insurance premiums this blog snoop found for the area were affordable. This family made choices and one of them was to take advantage of the system.

I don't blame them. But this is the problem with the ever expanding programs the Democrats want to force on us. We all say "Ok, we will help cover the poor children with health insurance." But that is never enough. The more give away programs the Democrats can push through, the more they look like the "caring" ones and the more votes they buy with the handouts.

Their poster boy for the expansion of the SCHIP becomes our poster boy against it.

You just can't make this stuff up.

Update: I went over to Michelle's since jandrew thinks it's so awful to expose the TRUTH and I find what I suspected. It may be that the grandparents foot the expensive private school bills. How about this? Let the grandparents pay for healthcare insurance and let the kids go to public school, instead OF LETTING THE TAXPAYERS FOOT THE BILL FOR THEIR INSURANCE.

It's time to get perspective here.

When I think about my Dad growing up without shoes in the summer. Bargaining with chickens to get goods and YET he became a lawyer, a legislator, and a circuit clerk. Why? Because he learned to depend on HIMSELF and not the government.