Friday, October 12, 2007

The More Interesting Story.

At least to me.

You have probably heard by now the National Inquirer story about John Edwards having an affair. I haven't posted on it because without proof, it's just too mean. The story isn't what I am interested in. I'm interested in the source. This just smacks of the Clinton machine. No one on the right cares about John Edwards. He isn't going to get the nomination. But the Clintons see him as siphoning off way too many votes in the primaries and Obama looking better because of it.

I'm figuring they haven't found anything juicy on Obama yet.

That's the real story here.

Update: Edwards and the woman are denying everything. But back to what I think the real story is. Remember how I just posted how Hillary will do everything by polls? It just so happens that this poll shows that a third of U.S. women say their vote is influenced by the happiness of the candidate's marriage. Among Democrats, 52% saw Edwards as having the happiest marriage, where only 29% show Hillary as having a happy marriage.