Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I love Lynne Cheney.

If ever there should be a role model for women, Lynne Cheney is it. She is accomplished, smart, and strong.

I love her values and her opinions. It is ironic that she is married to the man the left thinks of as the devil, but as usual, the real story paints a very different picture. When their daughter came out as gay I'm sure the left assumed that the Cheney's would turn their backs on her, but of course that didn't happen. They showed unconditional love, which we are called to do in our faith.

As I discussed in my previous post regarding Christian's call to help others, not through the government, but through our own personal finances or time, the Cheney's come through there as well:

"Lynne Cheney has made about $2 million by writing books, giving half to charity. In addition, she and her husband have given nearly $7 million to George Washington Hospital, the University of Wyoming, and a scholarship program for students in the District."


"Mr. and Mrs. Cheney gave 78% of their 2005 income to charity. The couple donated $6.9 million, including the proceeds from stock options and book royalties that Mrs. Cheney routinely gives away. Their giving went to three nonprofit causes in health, higher education and services for inner-city youth."

I remember reading that a 1997 federal tax return showed Vice President Al Gore and wife Tipper reported giving $353 to charity that year. I don't question that Gore cares about the poor, but it seems he'd rather taxpayers actually foot the bill. I suppose if one depends on the government to help others, you don't feel much of a need to do so yourself. Which is one of the problems with it.

Just for comparison's sake, sort of like I did with the Bush girls and Chelsea, let's compare the percentage of the Gore's giving after the 1997 debacle. In 1999 they gave away 5.1% of their income.

78%-Cheny to 5.1%-Gore

Interesting, is it not? Some people practice what they preach and other's just preach.