Thursday, August 16, 2007

You won't hear about this fight in the msm.

Hip Hop singer David Banner (aka Levell Crump) recently had this to say in an interview:

Al Sharpton: You run around towns and cities speaking words of wanting to better our community by cleaning up the airwaves. You hold rallies in front of radio stations saying turn off the music and clean the airwaves. You want to shut down local stations that are playing urban music when most of these local stations house and employ the same people in your community – the black community. When you visit any station in any city (big or small) playing urban/rap music, the staff is generally black. Now if those stations were to ever shut down – where do those employees go? Al, if you are for the people, where was your rally when the 3 college students were executed in New Jersey by black men. Where is the rally atfor those families and that neighborhood??? I don’t see you out there asking for justice yet that incident happened in a black community. If someone was to rap about “how f**** up black on black crime is and how even if you go to college you aren’t safe on the streets and nigga’s aint’ s—” – that kind of tone is offensive to you and you want to stop that! If that’s the truth, then why are you censoring it? No, you need to stop the crime before it happens so that there is no gangster song about a gangster situation.

He goes to say: (and I am completely editing this out)

“The next time you see Al Sharpton, tell him I said **** him and he can *** my ***”

The three college students were murdered by an Hispanic though. But, anyway, Al Sharpton's spokesman responds:

"From time to time we do encounter people that have sexual fantasies about Reverend Al Sharpton, but they are always women and Crump’s proposition is a first. (Oh, Really??)

However, in keeping with the National Action Network’s Decency Initiative, I am sure Rev. Sharpton would not call Crump the “N” “B” or “H” word.

And, despite Crump’s personal request, I am sure Reverend Sharpton would not call him a f*ggot. He would just pray for him."

Sly way of calling him a F*ggot without actually doing so, huh?

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I just have to throw this out there too from Queerty's site under the title "More 'Mos Endorse Edwards."

"John Edwards‘ presidential campaign just got another gay boost this week. Six more gay leaders pledged support to the Senator. National Stonewall Democrats’ alliteratively blessed board members Kenda Kirby and Greg Gallo join the likes of uber-producer Darren Star and former PlanetOut president Jeff Soukup in backing Edwards.

The new additions bring Edwards’ confirmed queer total to 38. Hillary Clinton’s queer committee holds 63 homos. Barack Obama, however, clobbers both Clinton and Edwards: his gay-centric MySpace page boasts 737 friends. Boy’s popular… "

Hey, I'm just reporting here.....