Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dear John, I want to see other people.

I know many of you are wondering about my crush on McCain and how that's going. Well, it's not going well. He never calls and he cheats on me.

I'm looking around.

John McCain really is like that hot boyfriend you had in highschool who treated you badly, but you just couldn't let go.

I'm letting go.

Don't get me wrong, I have so much admiration for the man, I can't tell you. I also think he would be an incredible leader as President. But he just keeps making the base so angry. I still want him to be the nominee, I just don't think he will be now.

There were many times he had the opportunity to get right with the base. He could have scored big with the right illegal immigration and border control positions. And he could have stated it in such a way where he still held on to what he truly believes. But he didn't.

His speeches on Iraq have been profound and moving. He is as right on national security and the war as he can be, but he failed to see how the issues that he disagreed with the base about, would affect his poll numbers.

Maybe he should have listened to what Hillary Clinton said about speaking one's mind:

"When you're running for President you can't always say what you really think."

God knows that's the truth with Hillary. If we knew what she really wanted for this country, we would drag every friend, relative, and neighbor out personally on election day to vote against her.

McCain just needed to frame the debate better. It's one thing to say " You have an ugly sister." And quite another to say,"Your sister would look refreshed and glowing in pink." Why even mention the ugly? Focus on the positive. Good grief. It's what politicans do all the time.

McCain's biggest detraction is his greatest virtue to me...brutal honesty. Before I stopped blogging before, I e-mailed everyone I could find working for McCain with some advice on how to relate better to the right side of the blogosphere, and I even got a call from one McCain's recently let go media relation staffers, Tucker Bounds. We had a great conversation, but I really got the feeling that the bloggers weren't being taken seriously. I don't think they even read the blogs. So I don't think they ever get a feel about how the people, who are most passionate about politics, feel.

Bloggers are like swimmers in a small lake. We don't really change the water in the lake, but we can splash around enough to get some attention and cause some ripples.

I really am looking at all the candidates now. I don't have a favorite. I can be wooed.

But just like the hot boyfriend in high school, I'll still yearn for one more kiss. Heck, I just sent McCain a donation the other day.