Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rock and Roll News

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Have you heard of the band "Against Me!" out of Gainesville Florida? Rolling Stone says they have "one of the year’s best rock records, the Butch Vig-produced New Wave." Here is their anti-war anthem “White People for Peace.”

Rolling Stone says this is what you need to know about the lead singer:

"Not long before forming Against Me! as a solo acoustic project in 1997, singer Tom Gabel began a career as a teenage activist, joining lefty causes like Food Not Bombs and running a leftist zine called Misanthrope, for which he interviewed ex-Black Panther Bobby Seale."

It's the usual, let's make love not war. But then I notice the update at the bottom of the article:

"In Today’s News: Gabel was arrested last night in Tennessee on battery charges after allegedly slamming a fellow patron at All Saints Cafe’s head into a countertop. Witnesses say the frontman tore a story about his band that had been defaced with obscenities off of a wall, and then assaulted Jared Smith when he asked why."

Peace, dude, peace.

Now, why would I be reading Rolling Stone? Because not only am I gangsta, I rock....;-)