Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The persecution of hip hop.

This is Chamillionare's "Evening News." The news guy is "Bob O'Wildly" and it's pretty funny although it's a real rap song. You have to read the news scroll at the bottom of the video. He covers Iraq, global warming, Bush/Oil, Katrina ect. as he whines, "Let's blame hip hop and pretend it's the problem." Stick with it to right after the middle of the video where Bob O'Wildly asks Chamillionare why he can say "nappy headed ho" and Bob can't.

Chamillionare also has a video "Hip Hop Police" where rap is declared illegal (don't I wish) and swat teams swoop in to arrest the rappers.

Now, how would I know about a rapper like Chamillionare? Well, because I'm so gangsta.