Tuesday, April 25, 2006

You think we have immigrant problems?

How does a permissive society deal with immigrants that make Jerry Falwell look like a flaming liberal? Well, you start with something like this:

"a campaign to "educate" people in Dutch libertarian values -- including gay marriage. Prospective immigrants are shown films featuring guys kissing in a park to gauge their ability to fit into Dutch society. At the same time the government has sent back thousands of unwanted illegals and is cracking down on Islamic extremists."

Interesting. You don't like our libertarianan society? Where all views are accepted? *snort* Well, you can just get your butt back where you came from then.

I wonder what one's reaction to guys kissing gets them kicked out?

I might also add a message to my libertarian friends here. Holland is the leader in euthanasia now. Even the euthanasia of children under 12 is now permitted under the so-called Gronigen protocol. Lovely. Sometimes this whole idea of "free choice" goes a bit....how shall I put it? Oh, I know....evil.

This really is an interesting look at a clash of cultures that many European nations are experiencing.

vai OxBlog