Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dogs. Dogs. Everywhere.

As many of you know I got a new puppy recently at a rescue shelter, an Australian Shepard mix named Jewel to go with my 4 yr old black lab mix named Shaq. Oh, I love my dogs!

Today I was driving to the store and on a road near me that has speed limit of 50 miles an hour I see a little black daschund in the middle of the road! She was almost hit twice before I got to her and scared to death! She is so cute! White tips on her feet. Anyway, I put signs in my neighborhood and the one next door, but no one has called yet.

Shaq and Jewel don't know what to think of this little girl. She will hardly leave my lap. Please pray someone calls for her. I tend to get attached easily and I can't take anymore chaos around my house!!! There are regularly about a dozen boys and several teenage girls here on a rotating basis.