Friday, July 29, 2005

Support, Don't Insult.

I've noticed a talking point of the left going around lately. I heard it for about the 4th time with Ron Reagan on MSNBC the other night. He was discussing out troops and how they were a "small slice" of America. He said they were mostly "young, rural, and many times poor." Ron repeated that talking point 3 times in his interview with a guest. That was when I realized I heard it a few times in the past week.

The implication is clear here. The government is "using" the stupidity of poor country kids. Rural is code word for stupid in leftwing world. If you aren't cosmopolitan enough to live in the city, then you really don't have the broad and correct view of things, don't ya know?

Does the left ever see how insulting they are in their elitism? To imply that being from the country and not having money means you are stupid and will just do anything to get out, including go fight a war you must not understand, is beyond the pale.

I think Ron Reagan should go check out Mudville and click on the dozens of milblog links and just see how "rural" these guys are. Some of the writing in and of itself is amazing. We get more accurate information from those blogs than we do the MSM.

We have an incredible combat force. Smart and well trained. They know the risks and they don't go into this in ignorance.

Perhaps instead insulting them, we should show our support such as with Soldiers' Angels. You don't have to support the war to support our troops.