Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Left's frantic search for dirt.

Well, the left finally did get a hold of the story of John Roberts wife I wrote about here. She was the ex-Vice President of Feminist for Life. Now the story the media seems to be going with is this:

We shouldn't mention his wife's views (here they are by the way)

John Robert's wife's views are off limits says Senators (here they are by the way)

Should John Robert's wife's views be considered? (here they are by the way)

I don't know why any decent person would even want to go through this process for any nomination. It has gotten to the point where it is hardly worth it.

I guess digging around for some drunken college picture the left found a picture of John Roberts in high school wearing plaid pants. Then Wonkette, having nothing sexually nasty to say about him, slams what his little boy is wearing.

I guess we know we have a good one when even the meanest of the left can only find clothes to criticize.