Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Blogging And A Real Revolution.

The Middle East Times has this interesting piece on Iran's blogs:

"Analysis: Blogs are Iranians' weapons of choice"

"The blogging phenomenon has exploded in the Islamic Republic. Today an estimated 75,000 Iranians maintain online Web logs, or "blogs", for short, that engage in a brisk virtual dialogue despite an Orwellian government that has a monopoly on public news media. They are an ever-enlarging faction of the 5 million Internet users in Iran, who have taken the protest for greater social freedom from streets and newsstands to cyberspace."

70% of Iranians are under the age of 30. Which not only means they are computer savvy, but given the outlet to the freedom of ideas the blogs bring, means more of them can be informed and voice their concern over human rights in their country. The article goes on to describe how even arrest and torture of the bloggers from the government has not stopped this blogging revolution. It ends with this:

"Blogging is a win-win situation for the young movement in Iran and a lose-lose situation for the regime," Jafarzadeh concluded. "If the regime would allow bloggers to operate with total freedom, this message would encourage people to seek regime change through increased activity. On the other hand cracking down on bloggers further convinces the population that this regime is absolutely against personal freedom, and there is no alternative but regime change ... that Iranians must do themselves."