Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Must Read!

This is Amazing , long, but well worth it! This is what I LOVE about the blogs from Iraq. You get a first hand account from people THERE.

This is a fascinating read about Iraqi soldiers and our soldiers capturing insurgents, saving a journalist's wife from beheading AND uncovering munitions that were to be used in the upcoming elections. You get a sense of the chaos there and the different factions we are dealing with. And this is just from the last 2 weeks!

This is how Michael Yon (his blog) describes how Iraqis feel about foreign "fighters."

"Still, of all the clawing hands weighting the legs of the new Iraq, the foreign "jihadists" get the least respect and are mostly despised. Local terrorists, even those who trade in newly-minted matyrs, seem to view jihadists as the lowest of the low-- as if the volunteers-come-hither are merely fungible foreign idiots, worth less than the wads of floppy third-world currencies crumpled in their pockets. The foreign fighters are a sort of toxic waste drifting and floating on the surface of this civil war. Their touch is stain."

I'm serious. Read all it to the end. He has pictures too. Amazing. Truly.