Monday, July 25, 2005

Muslim Messages Part 3

I watched a press conference on C-span this morning from the Muslim American Society. The president and the head of the board of Directors and a few others spoke. It was gratifying to hear them speak out strongly against terrorism. The President spoke with passion on how violence and killing are not a part of their religion. He said their religion is one of peace. He strongly condemned those who do these bombings in the name of Islam. He also spoke of respecting all faiths.

The head of the board of directors said that the men who do these things are not being led by God, but by Satan. Powerful words that I don't think a Christian leader could have gotten away with, of course, but one I totally agree with.

They all urged fellow Muslims to speak out against terrorism and to turn away from any extreme that convinces them that violence is ever the answer.

It was nice to hear. Very nice.