Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mediabistro gives us Fox making fun of CNN:

Let's Play Jeopardy!

Jeopardy! is celebrating CNN's 25th anniversary this week. According to this press release, the contestants are testing "their knowledge of the world with Jeopardy! questions, some using CNN video of historic events and people over the years.

"The clever folks at Fox News are helping to celebrate CNN's 25th anniversary with some fun questions of their own in light of CNN's Jeopardy! appearances:

1. Answer: The only niche network in cable history to lose its number one standing to an upstart.
Question: What is CNN?

2. Answer: The number of consecutive months CNN has been getting beat by FNC.
Question: What is 40?

3. Answer: The number of CNN employees laid off during the AOL Time Warner merger debacle.
Question: What is 400?

4. Answer: The CNN anchor who continued playing a round of golf after the Columbia Space Shuttle tragedy occurred.
Question: Who is Aaron Brown?

5. Answer: The CNN morning curmudgeon who ran over a bike messenger and fled the scene.
Question: Who is Jack Cafferty?

6. Answer: He told USA Today he "flooded the zone" during the recent tsunami disaster.
Question: Who is Jon Klein?

7. Answer: This was the month and year that FNC started clobbering CNN.
Question: What is January 2002?

8. Answer: This CNN executive made deals with murderous dictators in exchange for access.
Question: Who is Eason Jordan?

9. Answer: This CNN journalist was the voice of a Shrek 2 character and regularly does commercials endorsing Garlique & Welch̢۪s grape juice.
Question: Who is Larry King?

10. Answer: This network president uttered the famous prediction in 2001 "Give us six months to a year and see what happens. We will be well ahead of Fox."
Question: Who is Jamie Kellner?