Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why The Media is Losing All Credibility

Well, well. Even the NYT admits how the media ignored an important story:

WASHINGTON — For months during last year’s presidential race, conservatives sought to tar the Obama campaign with accusations of voter fraud and other transgressions by the national community organizing group Acorn, which had done some work for the campaign.

But it took amateur actors, posing as a prostitute and a pimp and recorded on hidden cameras in visits to Acorn offices, to send government officials scrambling in recent days to sever ties with the organization.

But get this:

Conservatives believe that they have hit upon a winning formula for such attacks: mobilizing people to dig up dirt, trumpeting it on talk radio and television, prompting Congress to weigh in and demanding action from the Obama administration.

Mobilizing people to dig up dirt?? You mean investigative journalism like "60 minutes" USED to do? Trumpeting it on talk radio and TV? You mean reporting wrong doing? Prompting Congress to weigh in and demanding action from the Obama administration? You mean demanding accountability?

There was at time when good journalism did all those things. But now it takes "a winning formula" from conservatives. THIS, my friends, is why the msm is dying.