Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Glenn Beck 3, Barack Obama 0"


It’s been a good week for Glenn Beck. A very good week.

First Van Jones “resigned” as Green Jobs Czar. Then Yosi Sergant was “reassigned” at the National Endowment for the Arts when down. Now the Census Bureau has fired ACORN.

Take the rest of the weekend off, Glenn.

After that 9/12 event, that is.

Love or hate him, Glenn Beck has turned out to be a force to be reckoned with. How has this happened? His ratings are off the hook, he has organized a march in Washington D.C. that was historic, and his exposes are starting to make him one of the last of investigative journalists out there. Oh, he would tell you that he isn't a journalist, but exposing corruption is what journalists are supposed to do. So in my book, that makes him one. And one of the only ones as well.

He is emotional and passionate. His ratings are high for one reason and one reason only. People know sincerity when they see it. And he is sincere. He is also fearless. He said the other day that they can't bring you down when you have nothing to lose. He says if he lost his job tomorrow, it wouldn't matter because the money has never been important to him and I believe that. He said he would simply get in line with the rest of us at the protests to take back our country, and I believe he would. That is why his show resonates with the American people.

But I hope he is ready for the onslaught of the hate/smear crowd of the left. I think what they are about to do to Glenn Beck is what we should now refer to as being "Palinized." They will go after his family, his friends, his background, and his children. Just as they did with Palin. They will lie and smear just like they did with Palin. They have just begun.

I hope Beck can take it. Because he is one of the few voices out there in TV land that is speaking for the people. He is educating people that would never otherwise even know what organizations like ACORN are, or that we even had a Green Czar. He's fighting the good fight, and whether we on the right like him or not, we need to support him, because not only is he right, he is making a difference. The proof is in the pudding.

We don't have the votes to defeat this health care bill I'm afraid. But what has happened is we have woken the people up to make sure that we NEVER give Democrats the majority again. Because now, and because of people like Glenn Beck, we understand how much we have to lose.