Monday, September 14, 2009

"Trickle Down Taxes"

I have had a family working for me, cleaning my house, painting, yard work, and other odd jobs for almost 9 years. In all that time I've never had one complaint about them because they all do an excellent job and I adore them.

But the other day, the mother called me and asked me if there was anything I had any concerns about. She asked me if there was anything they needed to do better. I said, "No, You do a terrific job, but why do you ask?" She said that because of the economy they have been losing jobs. She said they were afraid to lose my work. She wanted to make sure I was happy. I assured her I was, but the truth is if Obama raises taxes on us, I may have to let her family go. We have two kids in college and two more to educate. No matter how good of a living one makes, if enough money goes out the door, we have to cut back on luxuries.

This is the type of thing that Obama and his ilk never understand. They think they can tax the "wealthiest Americans" and it won't affect the lower income working families. But as you can see, it most certainly does.

We should call it "trickle down taxes." I may have to pay more taxes under Obama, but that family will pay much more than I will. Not in taxes, but in lost income.