Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Politics of Racism

I don't usually read Maureen Dowd. I find her to be bitter and lonely, and that comes through in her writing, but in her most recent NYT column she has decided that all this opposition to Pres. Obama's agenda is just racist.

Larry Elder was on Fox and Friends this morning discussing this, and he pin pointed the exact reason the left uses the race card. He said when you call someone a racist you stop the conversation. And that is exactly what they are trying to do.

This tea party movement is about one thing, and one thing only. Stopping the growth of government. Pres. Obama could be lily white and the movement would have been the same. People ask where was the tea party movement during Bush's spending? It was brewing. Those who think that conservatives weren't angry during Bush's spending just weren't paying attention. Especially if you read conservative journals and blogs, you would know, we were ticked. We are STILL ticked about it. Pres. Obama simply added salt to the wound. A LOT of salt. He quadruped the debt in his first 6 months. That alone woke up a lot of Americans. This is all about one color, and that color is green. The green of our money being taken away from us and wasted in Washington.

I think anyone who reads me on a regular basis knows how passionate I am about the race issue. Growing up in the 60's in Mississippi as a child of integration, I saw real racism, up close, and horrifying. When people like Maureen Dowd call people racist that are no such thing, she diminishes what happened back then, and she makes the word racist nothing more than a slur.

She should be ashamed.

Pres. Obama is called names just as Pres. Bush was, and Pres. Clinton before him. To imply that name calling has anything to do with his race is absurd and wrong.

Of course there are racists out there. But they are actually protected by the likes of Dowd by drawing attention away from real racsim to her silly accusations.

I was a part of the tea party movement from the beginning. I got e-mails from all over from different tea party leaders and members. If there had been even a nuanced reference in ANY way to Pres. Obama's race, I not only would have quit the movement, but I would have written to denounce it.

Dowd is simply wrong, but more than that, she is like the boy who cried wolf. When racism really raises it's ugly head, no one will pay attention because the word will have lost it's meaning.

*Check out "We The People: Black & White In America" facebook page. It has EXCELLENT videos from the tea parties.